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Illustrated by Rosemary Nagy

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     &  YAULZA

Zalga’s parents and legendary warriors. They met and married while serving in the military. Yaulza met her end at the hands of her own son Zallenium. Since then, Zorga kept her memory alive by passing on their adventures to  the next generation through Zalga.


When his mother was killed in battle, his father sought out the notorious Dr. 64 known to have usurped cybernetic technology from the government to keep his son alive. 
A technological marvel, as he was the first of Dr. 64’s projects that developed his own personality.

Princess Linear

A spunky, calm and collected vixen that doesn’t take no for an answer. Though she is the sister of the elegant Prince Siber, her custom-fit attire, complete with wings and tail speak volumes about her exotic nature. She inevitably finds herself caught in a love triangle between her husband Zalga and her future lover, Captain Arashi.

Princess Shigure

One of Princess Linear’s identical triplet sisters who tries to encourage Zalga not to take his own life. She tries to persuade him to live a live with her rather than sacrificing himself as a host for Emperor Ekku, even though she knows she’ll never be able to be what her Sister was to him. Little does she know the significance she plays later on in his life.

Princess Akane

The other identical triplet sister of Princess Linear’s  who later ironically falls for her ex-Husband, Umnak.


A womanizer by nature, Aqua is easily swayed by women.


He used to overstate his ability with a sword to impress the ladies. However, one day he learned the true cost of this façade and now he trains to become the sword fighter he was meant to be.


Linear's daughter - she hides her ferret ears under a top hat to disguise the indiscretion that she is the offspring from two fathers. 


Given to Aqua as a newborn, Ace is an easily impressionable, enthusiastic and spunky chipmunk. He looks up to AQUA his older "brother" as just that, even if he's fully aware of their non-relation. Mischievous in nature, he'll always be happily looking for a fight, much to Aqua's dismay.


Deadly assassin, later known in the future as Captain Arashi. He has an inevitable future with Zalga’s wife, Princess Linear. In time, she will be forced to choose only one of them.


(Coe-jhin) is Bengshi's archrival who he faces in the first round of the Lectro Games. Robotic instead of genetically engineered, he knows he is Bengshi's primitive counterpart. But he takes pride in considering himself a "relic" from an industrial age. 


An old sage who often fools people with his young appearance, Fang is a freedom-fighter for people who are both human and animal. He dreams of the day where humans and animals alike can live in harmony, but until then is perfectly happy guarding his "brothers and sisters" in what little home they have left.


Younger brother of Kozhu yet, being genetically engineered, he turned out to be more human than his sibling and developed a crush on Queen Easah.

Dr. 64 regards Bengshi's humanity as his only failure and uses him as a pawn for his personal gain He complies with  his father's  orders in hopes of someday earning his respect and affection.


The Ryyul

Dust creatures summoned by Coghhn during his match against Bengshi. They are named after the terrifying screeching sound they use to contact each other.


Loyal assistant of Dr. 64, voluntarily subjects himself to all of his master's experiments honestly believing that he is his lord and savior. Together, their ultimate goal is to escape and ultimately rule over an alternate world that they created known as "Dementia 64" a void that is designed to withstand the apocalypse.


Gentle, honest and intelligent, Shinyu is a regular alley cat on the outside, but on the inside, he always wanted to be a professor. He struggles to get over his fear of the outside world with help from his littermate Alto.


Brother and fellow alley cat with Shinyu, Alto is cool and laid back. Never wanting to get his paws dirty, he can play it rough if his brother's well-being is on the line. Despite being the "younger brother", Alto is always looking out for Shinyu, doing what he can to help him achieve his goal of becoming a scholar.

Dr. 64

Cunning and manipulative, 64 is entirely consumed by a god complex. His use of genetic engineering, and cybernetic prosthetics, is restricted for those he believes are deserving of his discovery of eternal life.


Although she challenges herself to go beyond society's expectations of her, opinion soon turns to rejection because she is part of a mutation epidemic.  Forced to leave her loving family behind to prevent them from sharing her ridicule, she sets out on her own to vanquish cruel stereotypes.

Lord Fuzzor

The son of Dr.64 and his wife, Lez. Was very affectionate since birth, though he shares his father’s lust for power. Admiral Turbs aids him in his quest to obtain immortality.

Admiral Turbs

One of the most elite officers of the postmodern Siberian Army, he was one of many warriors to be defeated by Lectro in order to test his rejuvenated form. Left near death, Admiral Turbs blames his defeat on Major Vladimir who was in command at the time. He would later defect from The Siberian Army and become one of the Head Cardinals of the Zallenium Cult.

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