science fiction book series characters 

Created by author Stephen Nagy

Illustrated by Rosemary Nagy

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Another android hired by Captain Arashi to help him man his ship. He is the only other known survivor of N-34’s production line.


One of Captain Arashi’s hired henchmen in place of his crew. He is one of the oldest known living creatures within the universe.

captain arashi

A mysterious sail barge owner who lost his crew inside Emperor Ekku’s cove. Despite his relationship with Princess Linear, she is shocked to discover that he is not only the assassin Red-XX from another dimension, but future husband. Although he has good intentions, his presence daunts the question: “What is to become of Zalga?”


The daughters of Kectro and his wife Sonjia. They are three identical triplets that tend to be a reliable asset for gangs such as Lord Scrapper and Company.


Pine's best friend and comrade in battle, Bonsai the banana slug is a mystical guardian bound to the war-crazed reptile through his mother. Previously protecting his mother, he was reborn through Pine after seemingly dying with the rotting temple forest. Shape-shifter and mage, Bonsai trains Pine in hopes that maybe someday he will become a deity as well.


Pine's father, he shares and admits to encouraging Pine's zeal for martial arts and weaponry. Training in Japan as a young lizard with his father, General, he one day stopped his studies to pursue a relationship with a local deity. After she was eradicated due to environmental contamination, Commander went back to his studies with a vengeance. And a son.


Grandfather of Pine and father of Commander, Admiral is respected as being one of the strictest warlords in the galaxy. Being over 3,000 years old, he's become jaded from his experiences. Achieving deity-status long ago, rather than ruling the mountains of Japan, he decides to follow Commander and Pine, protecting his precious children on their reckless journeys.


An enormous beast who had been tamed by The Siberian Army. He’s close friends with Umnak and helped mend his broken heart. His species is the natural predator of Guido’s race, who is a member of the Mechyu Special Forces.


The biological father of Red-XX and Blue Jay, who was the first husband of Princess Linear. Though she left him because of his dominance over her, he was ultimately given a second chance with her twin sister, Akane. Above all, Umnak is one of the proud driving forces behind the Siberian Empire.

sir rex

Father of Captain Mechyu, Sir Rex is the absolute oldest remaining Siberian Officer who has served their royal family for generations. He leads a platoon of six highly trained assassins, including himself and his wife, Queen Easah-who is actually the Goddess of Love in human form.

queen easah

A mysterious, other worldly being completely incapable of sin. Her marriage to Sir Rex ultimately brought together the Siberian and Xylonglunngian Empires alike, only for other forces to test their allegiance to each other.


An ancient demigod worshiped by the assassin Akumin, who seeks to unleash his wrath upon all of creation as a final resort.


Master assassin and ruthless devil worshiper, he stands as the highest order of the Zallenium Cult. Despite his ruthless persona, he has a soft spot for Emperor Ekku after working for him after several years.


Mei was just a little girl when she was caught in a horrible accident. She never speaks of it, but legend has it that she was once an untainted human before the mass-mutation happened. She took over the body of her favorite toy, still haunting the planet that damned her so many centuries ago.


Son of Akumin and his wife Mei. He inherited his parent’s telekinetic capabilities at an early age.


Was once Prince Siber’s highest ranking henchmen, rivaling Sir Rex status. He went rogue once he discovered his majesties motives had nothing to do with universal domination and has now joined the Zallenium cult alongside Akumin and Nachoman.

theodore Reginald


Longtime friend of adventurers Pine and Link, the aristocratic royal was always easy to please. Theo's humble attitude won him his late parents' estate, in which he intended to donate. Unable to move on after his assassination for this, 'Spooky' roams the universe looking to serve all in need until the end of time.


Zalga’s older brother, Zallenium was possessed by a Demigod at a very early age. Rather than fight it, he allowed its power to course through his veins until they merged together a formed a pure evil, uncontrollable monster. After being destroyed by his own brother, a cult of followers had him revived during The Lectro Games believing him to be their savior…

mr. forge

Spawned from Zallenium for the sole purpose to tempt the Gods into doing his will, Mr. Forge’s seemingly charming appearance allows him to be the definition of seduction. However, Queen Easah was freed by her pure heartedness he was presumably erased by a beam of light.


One of millions of secret test-subjects who were illegally brought in for drug testing against Fang's treaty with the humans. Being corrupted from all the unknown chemicals in his system, he lives in either complete ignorance of his mutation or in raging fury towards anyone who comes near him.

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