Emperor Ekku

Lord and Master of the Xylonglunng, Emperor Ekku considers himself Dr. 64’s greatest achievement. He forms a close bond with both Zalga and The Mechyu Special Forces over time. Though his original initiative was to rid the Universe of all other opposition, his empire alone is far greater than what any of his adversaries ever achieved.


Previously a fashion icon before being shipped away from Earth for her own safety. She's bubbly, optimistic, and very rarely found with a frown. She sees the beauty in everything, especially her husband Emperor Ekku.

Lord Scrapper

The first-born son of Ekku and Yuki. He and his followers both have similar goals with Lord Fuzzor which sometimes causes friction between them.

Sgt. Moogy

The larger of Lord Scrapper’s two henchmen, who was formerly known as one of Dr. 64’s earliest experiments. His newly polished techniques prove to be far greater than what his creator ever thought he would be capable of.

Sgt. Eddice

Second in command of Lord Scrapper’s henchmen, well known for his calm and collective persona. He secretly possesses more inner power than his own master. Often seen guarding alongside the third in command “Moogy”.


Childhood friend of Aqua, he lost contact when the flirtatious weasel got caught up in his fame. Left behind, he turned from friend to rival, putting his emotions aside on a journey to remind Aqua what the art of swordsmanship is all about.

General Eke

Second born son of Ekku and Though his appearance and antics make him seemingly lovable, he is every bit as manipulative as his father. In fact, his apprenticeship to Sir Rex caused him to question his own lineage.

General Maado

One of Eke’s colleagues and childhood friend. There is a lifelong rivalry between them.

Prince "Captain" Mechyu

(Mek-u) Son of King Rex and Queen Easah, and also the father of Dr. 64. Destined to become the Captain of the illustrious Mechyu Corps, his fate is sealed that he would one day sacrifice himself bring down the Demon King Zallenium. That is ... unless time can be over-written.


(Brinks) An absurd, stubby walrus-like creature whose capabilities . His tusks can turn water into root beer, his eyes can twist clouds into ladders.

Major Vladimir

2nd in command of the illustrious platoon known as The Mechyu Special Forces, and arguably the most powerful. After his true love is imprisoned in the same body with him by the wicked Admiral Turbs, their inextinguishable love coupled with his malevolence towards Admiral Turbs justifies his appetite to immobilize everything that gets in his way.

Blue Jay 

Formerly known as Commander Zuthorax, Blue Jay is perhaps the most playful member of the Mechyu Special Forces, but by no means innocent.His long ancestry of mercenaries easily qualifies him as a member of Emperor Ekku’s infamous task force.


Blue Jay’s alter ego identity. He withdrew after joining the Mechyu Force. He pledged never to us this form again after accidently killing Toshiharu during the Lectro Games.


A tall muscle-bound cyborg member of the Mechyu Special Forces. He is often repaired with cheap scrap metal parts to keep him battle-ready

Invincible Iglooso

One of the Mechyu Special Force’s reserves. Though his fighting stance is rumored to be flawless, he was easily defeated during The Lectro Game’s First Round.


Balken is a star-struck German Shepard, experiencing an evolution of being more human. Living as a dog and thinking as a man, the pup loves comic book superheroes and dreams of being one.  His adoption by Iglooso from the Mechyu Corps allows him to do just that.

Great Timekeeper

The father of Guido, who inherits his title as Timekeeper once he is unexpectedly destroyed twice during The Lectro Games. It is unknown if there is an alternate timeline where he survived.

Prince Siber

The current leader of the Siberian Army and believed by many to be a supreme being. After his death, his consciousness merged with his ship’s generator giving proof to his followers that he is an infinite spirit. he's projecting himself from another location through a holographic image while he spends his time with his wife, “Kila.”


As the wife of Prince Siber, she rules as “Queen” of Siberia with her own task force. When she is not trying to rule other civilization, she is an avid fashion designer and punk rock enthusiast.


The first born of Prince Siber and Kila, she was flatteringly “named after” her mother. She’s hopelessly in love with General Eke, much to their parents disapproval.

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