science fiction book series characters 

Created by author Stephen Nagy

Illustrated by Rosemary Nagy

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Prince Siber II

The second born child of Prince Siber and Unlike Zalga and other cyborgs before him, he takes pride in his imperfections and believes himself to be the ultimate hybrid between man and machine.

Great King Siber

The arch nemesis of Great King Coolwhip.

He was believed to have perished during his reign over the Siberian Empire's dark ages. All artifacts of his image from his era are also mysteriously missing.


Direct descendant of the Great King Siber.

Nachoman was the initial recipient to inherit the Siberian Kingdom. He acquired the reputation throughout the entire under world as a powerful criminal mastermind.

Before his coronation to replace his father, he made a deal with an unknown criminal to trade lives with him to inherit all of his fortune and power.  As a result, no one knows their individual true identities.


The last of his production line and considered obsolete by the manufacturers of the Shootertrons. He joins The Lectro Games to prove that he still lives up to his design.


Icicle is the last remaining member of a lost people who once ruled the arctic regions of Earth. She now lives every waking moment of her life seeking out those who dare challenge her, avenging her people and reminding the world how they will never go extinct.

Link and Amy

A centuries-old narwhal, Link is the husband of Amy, the couple being the last of their kind. Link forced himself to live on land after pollution in his native lands made it uninhabitable. As a result, he suffers from a compulsion where he feels he can never get away from the filth.

Amy is the stronger one of the two, being the shoulder Link can cry on when his emotions get the better of him.

The Shootertrons

An advanced race of steam powered security guards that consider them superior to the primitive N-3. Production Line. Nachoman’s entire army consists of these mechanical assassins, yet only two of them qualified to enter Lectro’s Game of Death.

Lt. Debrimun

(dee-bri-moon) One of the eldest Siberian Knights, and the father of The Great King Coolwhip. He ultimately loses to him during the first-round of The Lectro Games.


Zalga’s future undercover identity for time travel.

Great King Coolwhip

Secretly ruled the Xylonglunngian (Zi-long-lung-ee-an) Empire for generations during Lectro’s reign as Master of the Universe. Now aged, goes back in time as a contestant in the games to prevent Lectro from winning thus halting the apocalypse. Passes himself off as the real ancestor that died in the past. Using his aged appearance, can pose as if he somehow survived.


Frivolous, cheery and pampered, Kingo always lived a life of luxury. Wherever he went, he was known as a "party animal" - literally and metaphorically. He never saw his form as an issue, often using it to his advantage to control his fans that followed.

The Animal Force

A rag team of Earth renegades. The five found each other trying to escape Earth since they were rejected as humanoids. Captain Yu, Cedar, Burr, Dou’eh and Oohme train under the careful watch of their heroes, The Mechyu Corps.

King Coolwhip

Father of Emperor Ekku, his pacifist nature caused his reign over the Xylonglunngians to be short lived. Not wanting to be responsible for deaths of millions when war is declared, he abdicates his throne.


Indifferent in nature, Shade was bred to live a life of wealth and pleasure. However, upon learning how others like her were breaking free to live their own lives, she soon followed suit. Shade soon found King Coolwhip, settling down in his version of aristocratic culture.

Officer Jones

A longtime friend and comrade of Zorga, Officer Jones is driven by the traditional ways of the ancient Siberians. Disgusted by how the empire became nothing more than a task force for Prince Siber to carry out his reckless ambitions, Jones eventually aids Zalga on his quest to gain his independence. Unfortunately, his loyalty to tradition would ultimately become his undoing upon discovering the truth of Prince Siber’s identity.

Sebsi Fairy

A demented mascot gone awry, Sebsi Fairy slowly lost sanity through his job. Yearning to make a life of his own, he decided to do just that. A figure that was once beloved by children is now feared by all whenever his logo appears.


The trusty partner of Officer Jones, Gryyle has always came through for him. His role is cut short by the genius assassin “Akumin” in the 3rd match of the Lectro Games. Though his unexpected survival itself marks his credibility as an officer.


One of the first victims of a faulty teleporting device, his molecular structure is spread across time and space. He is only visible momentarily as his molecules appear and disappear as he fights to stay in the same timeline.Because his eyes are the only consistently clear feature, he is named after the iconic subject of the artist Margaret Keane’s “waif” with large eyes going by the name “Waiffo” (Way-foe).

Nel Flulla

A bumbling Scottish dwarf like servant of Emperor Ekku, Nel Flulla’s soldier like dominion is what he uses to get him through every scenario. However, it backfired when facing the hired mercenary Red-XX whose same drive blew him out of the ring.


Nell Flulla’s comrade. Steps in to take Yeti’s place after he dies in the tournament.

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