science fiction book series characters 

Created by author Stephen Nagy

Illustrated by Rosemary Nagy

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The veto family's Longtime friend and trusted guardian for their son, veto Jr.


Uncle Veto’s wife and close friend of Queen Easah. She is believed to be the Goddess of the Seas.


Prince Siber’s uncle and predecessor. He grew tired of the politics towards the end of his reign and resigned so he could raise a family outside the kingdom.


Adorable, loving child of Uncle Veto and Izirus, spends a lot of time with Ghario, thought he is very fond of Topaz.


originally designed to be an untouchable electronic being of warfare, Topaz Slowly grew sentient through the highly developed artificial intelligence programs he was created from, Topaz took control of the laboratory and began infecting others to serve his will.


An unwanted child at birth, Zariques (commonly called 'Za' by his teammates) quickly grew to have zero empathy for any other living being. This made him the perfect soldier to Topaz, who instantly recruited him as leader of his personal army.


Morbid, edgy and vile, Ike is your classic havoc-seeking rapscallion. Growing up in a desert gang, the reptilian never quite grew up from his teenage world. As he aged, he became a god of the underground, eventually catching the attention of the one person he couldn't defeat; Za.


The muscle of Za's Squadron, Ray was never the sharpest crayon in the box. However, since joining Za under the watchful eye of his overlord Topaz, he's grown significantly into a highly intelligent and fearsome opponent.


Zorga’s companion during the war. He was to take his place as Burdock’s master when he went to rescue his son never to return. Blaster carries a guilty conscience, but is able to cope knowing he was only carrying out his friend’s wishes.


Known for his zany antics, Burdock dropped out of a war between the humanoids and the humans due to mental afflictions received through this experience. Nowadays, Burdock lives comfortably in a remote, coniferous wooded location, working as a self-sustaining carpenter and lumberjack.

king garner

Bumbling, gullible leader of the Garner Race and N-34’s arch nemesis. He plots to use the Great Timekeeper’s orb to warp time in his favor.


The only pure human competitor of the Lectro Games, and ironically the first to be slaughtered in the hands of one of the other merciless contestants.


Arguably the main antagonist of POSTER SMASH. His convoluted plot to eliminate the strongest fighters from both parallel worlds by knowingly pairing them up against fighters they will refuse to harm allows him to believe he has already won.Yet, every fighter is willing to gamble with their own existence for the chance to stop Lectro's path of destruction—leaving the universe vulnerable to fall under his command.


An orphaned innocent child adopted by Lectro and militantly trained to do battle. Fighting as his adopted father's champion warrior speaks volumes about his father’s influence.


Kectro’s wife, trained as a ninja in the mountains of Eastern Asia, Sonjia was cursed by her ancestors from birth by not having a mouth. She fights to avenge her dishonored family line, but dreams of one day gaining respect for who she is and not where she came from.

Sonia, Grace, & Bow

The daughters of Kectro and his wife Sonjia. They are three identical triplets that tend to be a reliable asset for gangs such as Lord Scrapper's army.

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