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Mechyu Publications Answers questions about the science fiction book series,

  • Why is your science fiction book series called "Poster Smash"?
    The story gets its name from the plot of the first book in the Poster Smash Series. The fugitives, Zorga and Zalga, succeeded in removing all of their own wanted posters from the area surrounding their location on Earth, enabling them to remain undiscovered for 30 years after escaping from Dr. 64 and the Siberian Empire. The title also expresses Zalga's resolve to extinguish his former vulnerable identity.
  • When does the story take place?
    During the Metagalactic War, in a post-apocalyptic era, Dr. 64 created a realm he called "Dimension 64" as a sanctuary for the planets he deemed worthy of existence.
  • Where does the name Mechyu originate?
    The character Prince Mechyu, who is sent from the future to save the earth, is introduced in the first book of the series, Poster Smash. He and his group "The Mechyu Corps" are the series' greatest heroes, and they served as the model for the name of our publishing company.
  • What is the Poster Smash series about?
    The plot of Poster Smash begins with a father's desperate attempt of preserving his cybernetic son's humanity and the trials they experienced along the way. In the second book of the series, Posters Smashed, one of the villains makes a comeback with a challenge where the winner takes all, including the title of Master of the Universe, but the winner must kill the antagonist "Lectro" to get it.
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