Poster Smash Series Presents...

Poster Smash Series Presents...

~ The mechyu Force ~


Captain mechYu - Mutant Siberian, son of Si Rex & Queen Easah

zalga - A technological marvel. He was the first of Dr. 64's projects that developed its own unique personality.

Blue Jay/Black Jay/Gold Jay/Zuthorax - Siberian son of Umnak


Maj. Vladimir/auni - Imprisoned by the evil Admiral Turbs in the same body with his wife, Auni. He exists by day she by night. Co-existing as one allows them to conquer anything in their way. 

anosoba - Cyborg made from scrap technology.

brnsx - Cottonox. Son of the Great Timekeeper.

"Invincible" iglooso - Human Cyborg, wannabe superhero. Only member that can fly.

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