POSTERS SMASHED - Book two of the POSTER SMASH series. 

Longest book of the series. Essential follow-up to the first volume. Outlines all the characters, their storylines, and their association with the co-author's characters. The story will continue throughout multiple novellas giving the fans a "Choose Your Own Adventure" with your favorite character... "It's Your Turn!"

POSTERS SMASHED Volume 2 First Edition

SKU: 9781732794924
  • In this second installment to the POSTER SMASH series, decimation knows no bounds. Sixteen indisputable warriors gather to defeat the self-proclaimed god, Lectro, at his own game.

    After engaging in several elimination rounds, only one will win the opportunity to vanquish this dreaded adversary... That is, if they can survive Lectro’s sinister labyrinth in an attempt to guarantee their defeat.

    Inevitably, the victor will face Lectro’s son and undefeated champion fighter. His sole purpose is to see to it that no one ever makes it to the final round against his father. And for three consecutive years, no one ever has...

    Dare to follow these heroes as each of their sacrifices lead not to just their fate, but ultimately... your own.

"It's Your Turn"

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