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Poster Smash

 2nd edition

When a soldier loses his wife in the battle against a tyrannical ruler, he champions to save his unborn son—but at what cost? Only a lunatic scientist has the technology to save him. 

Follow the cyborg Zalga and his motley crew of companions as they find their place in an age-old discord between two hostile empires and a power struggle to dominate the universe.  

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Book 1
Book 2

One Game to Halt an Era of Tyranny


The epic follow-up to Volume One of the




His ominous sound of contemptuous laughter instills fear into the hearts of even the mightiest of warriors. Lectro, the merciless organism, plots once again for the ultimate triumph...

Master of the Universe!

The fates of the galaxies hang in the balance as the star-systems 32 foremost champions assemble to compete for the chance to beat Lectro at his own game. Each of these champions has their own hidden agenda for vengeance in this contest where the last one standing will earn the chance to defeat Lectro and inevitably free the galaxies from his domination! 


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Book 3
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Currently working on...


Now... It's Your Turn!


The first set of the Poster Smash Chronicles will be released in 10 novellas introduced in the epilogues at the end of our second book

Posters Smashed.


Choose your favorite from the 10 epilogues and continue the adventure in the book named at the end of the epilogue. (Coming Soon)


Throughout the novella's storyline, you'll make several choices where you want the character to follow. Based on your choices, you'll be directed to the next book in the series at the end of the novella.

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