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POSTER SMASH book series Personnel

Image by Wilhelm Gunkel


I've been writing Poster Smash most of my life with my sister Rosemary. During high-school, I realized my potential for becoming a writer and my dream to become published began.

Today, Poster Smash and I are published through my own company: Mechyu Publications, LLC.

(The name "Mechyu" comes from the name of the leader of my featured rebel fighter squad called the Mechyu Corps.)


After book 2, Posters Smashed, we will be expanding into the "Choose Your Own Adventure" genre with branching novellas called:


Stephen Nagy

Art Supply


My interests in graphic novels and classic animated films drives my passion to develop my own characters and storylines. As co-founder of Mechyu Publications, LLC, I will be showcasing my skills as Illustrator throughout the Poster Smash Science Fiction book series. 

Also, in book 2, Posters Smashed, I'll be testing my proficiency with the Development, and Writing for my own characters. 

Rosemary Nagy

Image by William Iven


Mary Many Hats is the title I have earned over my career by venturing out of my comfort zone with the purpose of learning something new. In doing so, my background is seasoned with unique employment experiences that in the fullness of time has prepared me for taking up the duties of managing Mechyu Publications, LLC. 

One of the more notable accomplishments along the way is acquiring an Associate in Science Degree in Marketing Management… I also pride myself in my M&M chocolate chip brownies. 

Mary Nagy