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Author - Stephen Nagy

During my early years, I had to deal with certain side effects from various prescribed medications and, at the same time, try to “fit in” with my peers. Most of the time, I felt like I was living in an Outer Limits episode. Having Asperger’s Syndrome with Attention Deficit Disorder is like having another person walking in front of you. People would always see them first before they saw me —if they were motivated.

To break free from being identified by my diagnosis, I created my own world by writing stories to experience dominance over what made me weak. All the characters played out the roles of the circumstances in reality where I was made to feel embarrassed or small. However, in my world, I overcome public prejudice and ridicule and earn the respect of my peers.

During high-school, I realized my potential for becoming a writer and followed a path to become a published author of my own science fiction/fantasy series. Today, I am fulfilling this dream as I am the Founder of Mechyu Publications, LLC. My company will be identified with my science-fiction series "POSTER SMASH".


At the end of the second book, POSTERS SMASHED, the storylines will extend into the "Choose Your Own Adventure" genre where I got the idea for our company's motto, "It's Your Turn"

It is my hope that you will read and enjoy my sister's and my works and maybe get inspired to change your own negative stereotype —if you have one. 

Illustrator - Rosemary Nagy

Rosemary is a 2016 graduate from PACYBER where she also took part in the National Junior Art Honor Society (NJAHS). She continued developing her illustrative skills by attending AnimSchool for 3D Character Animation.


A combination of interests in graphic novels and classic animated films drove her passion to develop characters of her own. These characters and their storylines are introduced and become intertwined with the characters in the next collaborative story of the POSTER SMASH series Book 2 - POSTERS SMASHED.


Rosemary is also co-founder of Mechyu Publications, LLC. She intends to showcase her abilities as Illustrator as well as Co-Writer throughout the series which will expand into the "Choose Your Own Adventure" genre of branching novellas called THE POSTER SMASH CHRONICLES.

Admin/Manager - Mary Nagy

Mary Many Hats is the title Mary has earned over her career by accepting invitations to venture out of her comfort zone and learn how to do something new. Her background is seasoned with unique experiences that have prepared her for taking up the duties of managing Mechyu Publications, LLC. Mary also brings with her an Associate in Science Degree in Marketing Management along with her famous M&M chocolate chip brownies.

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"It's Your Turn"

For any media inquiries, please contact Administrator/Manager Mary E. Nagy:


P.O. Box 61, Leisenring, PA  15455

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