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Kila & Prince Siber

Kila & Prince Siber


You will receive 2 stickers (without watermark) - one of each character - packaged in a resealable cellophane sleeve for $1.00.

Kila's image is  enhanced with a faint enlargement of her face in the background. 


Choose from the available options or purchase the entire collection.


  • About

    Kila is a Humanoid Tiger, avid fashion designer and punk rock enthusiast. As Prince Siber's wife, she co-rules the Siberian empire. 

    Prince Siber  is the leader of the Siberian Army and believed by many to be a supreme being. After his death, his consciousness merged with his ship’s generator giving proof to his followers that he is an infinite spirit. He commands his forces from another location through a holographic image while he spends his time with his wife, Kila.

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