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POSTERS SMASHED - Book 2 of the Poster Smash series.

POSTERS SMASHED Book 2 (First Edition)

SKU: 9781732794924
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POSTERS SMASHED - Book two of the POSTER SMASH series. 

Longest book of the series. Essential follow-up to the first volume. Outlines ALL the POSTER SMASH characters, their storylines, and their association with the co-author's characters. The storylines will continue throughout multiple novellas in an "Interactive" series... "It's Your Turn!"


    In this second installment to the POSTER SMASH series, decimation knows no bounds. thirty-two indisputable warriors gather to defeat the self-proclaimed god, Lectro, at his own game.

    After engaging in several elimination rounds, only one will win the opportunity to vanquish this dreaded adversary and free the galaxies from his domination... That is, if they can survive Lectro’s sinister labyrinth in an attempt to guarantee their defeat.


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