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POSTER SMASH 1st Edition - no longer in print. Few copies on stock.

POSTER SMASH Book 1 (First Edition)

SKU: 9781523865208

This is the original, Book 1 (First Edition) of POSTER SMASH.

Selling at the original published price.

No longer in print.

Our store has - limited supply - in stock.


    Volume One brings you the story of how the Science-Fiction Book Series Poster Smash got its name. In a post-apocalyptic time, when a mother is killed in a revolutionary battle, the father recruits a notorious scientist to help maintain the life of his unborn child. The scientist's experiment, with stolen technology from the Siberian Empire’s government, came with severe consequences.

    Labeled as fugitives, the father and son escape from the lab and are forced into hiding. They avoid capture for 30 years partly due to confiscating all their wanted posters. Until the Siberian infantry discover them and the Admiral kidnaps the youth for his own devious plans.

    And so, the story begins...


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