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Book 1 - POSTER SMASH second edition.

POSTER SMASH Book 1 (Second Edition)

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POSTER SMASH Book 1 (Second Edition) 

Compared to the First Edition, this 323 page edition was revised to have a Table of Contents, List of Illustrations, Introduction and Afterword. The content has been updated and revised to include more character information. Plus, Enhanced Illustrations.


    Imagine a dilemma where your morality and family bonds were put to the test? This was Zorga's conflict when he struck a deal with Dr 64, a mad scientist with an uncompromising god complex. 

    Aware of the devious scientist's reputation for using other forms of unlicensed applied science. His son's life would ultimately belong to the Siberians by law. Fortunately, a shelter given to him by an old friend lies forgotten within the war-torn city ruins. Here Zorga could raise his son without any suspicion from the Siberians. That is, until the day the Siberians returned to Earth...

    This is the story of legendary warrior Zorga and his quest to preserve his son's humanity.


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